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By Alan Dean Foster

Within the talking-animal international of Foster's Spellsinger sequence, the songs of transplanted rock musician Jon-Tom make a strong if usually misdirected magic. The quests he undertakes for his wizardly mentor ship him to far-off international locations, the place he meets whimsical creatures conversing in outlandish accents. With extra memorable and dramatic adventures in the back of him, Jon-Tom is off this time at the delusion identical of a visit to the fix store. The breaking of his magical duar is the get together for encounters with pirates, cannibals, talkative porpoises, a flying horse who's petrified of heights and the beautiful, level-headed otter Weegee, who turns into the affection of Jon-Tom's irascible significant other Mudge. notwithstanding regularly amiable, this novel sounds a growing number of like an impromptu bedtime tale that has been prolonged past the teller's powers of invention.

Originally released 1986 via Phantasia Press.

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Whereas they’re ’avin’ themselves their barbeque me an Weegee will swim throughout an’ slip that lovely from its moorin’s. we will do that circulation underwater effortless. ” Jon-Tom made no attempt to conceal his surprise. “Mudge, we can’t simply run off and allow them to cannibalize a gorgeous animal like that. ” “Who says? ” He nodded towards Weegee. “That’s my proposal o’ a gorgeous animal, no longer somethin’ with hooves in its place o’ feet. ” “But what concerning the commonality of intelligence one of the warm-blooded? have you ever forgotten that one in every of our greatest acquaintances on our earlier trip was once a quadruped? ” “I ain’t forgot previous Donnas. Who may well? yet she ain’t set for the ceremonial dinner this night and that i don’t recognize that winged stallion from nothin’. simply because ’e’s bought wings don’t make ’im anythin’ distinctive. ” wary seemed disenchanted. “It ain’t correct. Ain’t correct that those that can communicate an’ imagine should still try and devour one another. ” “’Ow are you aware that ’orse can communicate an’ imagine? probably ’e’s a dumb throwback. convinced as ’ell’s somethin’ flawed with ’im. differently why don’t ’e up and fly away? might be ’e’s livin’ out a deathwish. ” Jon-Tom watched the stallion as he forever paced the internal of his legal. “We may well fly to Chejiji much swifter than shall we sail there. You’re correct, Weegee, approximately his dimension. A flying percheron. He’s sufficiently big to hold we all. ” “I don’t like bein’ off the floor, mate. i am getting airsick, I do, if I ’ave to climb to the pinnacle o’ a small tree. You’re pissin’ into the wind in any case. ’E’s in there and we ain’t. this night we ’elp ourselves to a ship and slip out o’ ’ere an’ day after today mornin’ we’ll be out at the open sea. Worst you’ll ’ave out o’ it is a undesirable dream or . ” “Logically you’re correct, Mudge. Emotionally you’re all fallacious. ” The otter chanced on this a laugh. “Now there’s a change, wot? ” “How approximately this, then? think we move the flow and unfastened him whereas the villagers are busy getting ready for his or her dinner party. ” “’Ow approximately we tie an’ gag you an’ sell off you within the boat, and untie you while you’ve get back in your senses. ” “I’m stepping into after him. Are both of you with me? ” The otters exchanged a look. Weegee dropped her eyes and stated not anything. disenchanted, Jon-Tom seemed to the final member in their little celebration. “What approximately you, wary? ” “Just my identify, that. i am going with you, guy. ” He appeared again towards the village and the corral. “This now not correct evidently. ” “You’re either out o’ your bleedin’ minds. Jon-Tom, you ask an excessive amount of this time, you do. ” Jon-Tom pleaded together with his pal. “It won’t be risky. wary and that i will sneak up there whilst no one’s looking at and reduce the ropes securing a number of of these corral posts. Then we’ll run him out of there. in the meantime you and Weegee will be stealing a ship. We’ll meet you the place the movement flows into the lagoon. wary and that i and perhaps the stallion will swim again to hitch you. We’ll all be out to sea sooner than a person in there realizes that their major path has departed for elements unknown. ” “That’s high-quality, mate. You write it down. We’ll make copies to move out to them cannibals in there simply so’s they understand evidently ’ow they’re alleged to play their bloomin’ components.

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